No need to “Stay a Little Longer”: Brothers Osborne is “pretty damn close” to finishing new record

ABC/Brett Oronzio

With their latest hit “It Ain’t My Fault” in the top 15, CMA and ACM Vocal Duo of the Year Brothers Osborne are well on their way to finishing their sophomore album.

“We went down to Florida, just to get out of Nashville and kinda clear our heads a little bit, with Jay Joyce our producer, and we shacked up in a beach house,” John says of how they approached the record.

“We intended on maybe leaving with anywhere between six and eight songs, and we ended up recording eleven,” he reveals. “I can’t come out and say that we’ve finished our record, but we got pretty damn close if we didn’t finish.”

John is so psyched about it, in fact, that he wishes he and TJ could put it out immediately.

“I feel very, very, very good about this record,” he says. “And I know everyone says that about their new music and that’s cliche or whatever. But this is one of the first times where I can actually listen to our own music and not have to think ultra-critically… I can’t wait to play it for everybody. I want to play it for everyone right now!”

“Considering the president of [our record label] Universal hasn’t heard it yet…” TJ interjects, “…you should probably wait!”

Brothers Osborne’s debut album, Pawn Shop, came out in January of last year. It includes their first #1 hit, “Stay a Little Longer.”

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