Old Dominion Closes Out 2015 on the “Today” Show

Michael Elins

Old Dominion will finish up the year that put them on the map with a live performance on NBC.

 “After a year like the one we’ve had it’s only fitting we close it out with another milestone. The last show we play this year will be our first major TV appearance, and it will be on the Today show!” lead singer Matthew Ramsey says. “2015 was good to us, and with the reactions we are getting to ‘Snapback,’ 2016 is gonna be big. We cannot wait to kick this up to the next level.”

The five-member band will play both their debut hit “Break Up with Him,” as well as their new single, “Snapback” on the Monday, December 21 show.  They’ll be back at work January 14, when they kick off their Meat and Candy Tour at Nashville’s Marathon Music Works. In April, they rejoin their 2015 touring partner, Kenny Chesney, for his Spread the Love Tour.

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