Old Dominion’s Debut Hit, “Break Up with Him,” Has Some “Magic Dust” on It

RCA Nashville

The members of new group Old Dominion know a good song when they write one. Collectively, the members of the band have had a hand in writing Blake Shelton‘s “Sangria,” Dierks Bentley‘s “Say You Do,” “Better Dig Two” by The Band Perry and “A Guy Walks into a Bar” by Tyler Farr.  So, how did they decide to release their debut single, “Break Up with Him,” out of all the other songs they’ve written?

Lead singer Matthew Ramsey tells ABC Radio, “I think, it sounds a little different. It says something a little different, and as songwriters I think that’s the goal is to say something in a new way. So, I think maybe we stumbled upon that here.”

While Matthew could go into the specifics of what makes “Break Up with Him” strike a chord with listeners, he admits, “Why songs work is a mystery sometimes. This one just seems to have this little magic dust on it for some reason.”

He adds, “It just resonates for some reason. So, we’ll follow it as far as it wants to go.”

Old Dominion filmed a Back to the Future-inspired video for “Break Up with Him.” Check it out on YouTube.

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