On “Kimmel,” Brad Paisley Performs with Demi Lovato, Reveals He’ll Host CMAs with Carrie Again

Mark Horton/WireImage

Brad Paisley made some news on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday night.

First, he give Kimmel a full-throated endorsement of the chat show host’s run for Vice President of the United States — even wearing a campaign t-shirt to prove his loyalty. 

Paisley also sang a song poking fun of the North Carolina bathroom controversy set to Tammy Wynette‘s classic “Stand By Your Man.” Sample: “Sit by your man/Why is this such a big deal/Just hike up your dress and take a stand!”

Paisley confirmed that he and Carrie Underwood will host November’s Country Music Awards, which would bring their total number of team-ups to 11 — two shy of Vince Gill‘s hosting record of 13. “Vince Gill is going to be furious at this news,” Kimmel quipped. 

Finally, Brad closed out the show by performing “Without a Fight,” his new duet with Demi Lovato. The country star said Demi cut her teeth “singing Billy Gilman at a rodeo in Texas,” and it took just “four days” from the time they spoke about collaborating, to the song being cut.

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