Parmalee Brings the Opry to NYC: Even in Manhattan, “These Country People Just Show Up!”

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With signature hits like “Carolina,” “Close Your Eyes” and “Already Callin’ You Mine,” the guys in Parmalee aren’t exactly newcomers anymore. But lead singer Matt Thomas admits there are some things that will always give him a case of the butterflies.

“I mean the Opry is the only show we will probably always be nervous before we get on stage… It’s so cool and so surreal,” he says, having played the historic venue not too long ago.

Tonight, Parmalee has the honor of kicking off the Opry’s Circle in the City concert series in New York’s Bryant Park. Even in Manhattan, Matt and bass player Barry Knox agree — country fans all over America have a lot in common.

“I think the fans are the same,” Matt reflects. “There are country music fans walking all through these streets.”

“It is amazing to go around the country,” Barry interjects, “and…  you have a certain outlook on a city… and all these country people just show up! It’s crazy. It’s awesome!”  

You can bet Parmalee’s emotional new single “Roots” will be part of their Tuesday-night set. If you’re not lucky enough to be in the Big Apple for the show, you can watch it at 8:30 p.m. ET on the Opry’s Facebook page.

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