Playing Europe Reminds Eric Church of the Power of Music and His Love of Trains

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This week, Eric Church plays the first of nine dates during a two-week stint in Europe. The Mr. Misunderstood singer’s first concert Monday was in Stockholm, Sweden, and he says his overseas dates never fail to remind him of the power of music.

“There’s two different parts of Europe. There’s the English-speaking, there’s the U.K., and there’s interior Europe,” he explains. “We go into interior Europe and play. We go to Germany. We go to Sweden. We go to Norway. We go to Switzerland, we go to the Netherlands. It’s so interesting to me when you get in places where English is not the primary, the first language, but music is, and you go there and you see the power of what music can do in these places that they can’t speak any English, but they can sing every word. It’s really something.”

The ACM Entertainer of the Year nominee admits the travel is also one of the major perks of playing overseas. Eric says he loves being able to hop on a train and visit several different countries, all in the same day.

“I was in Germany one day, I had a day off, I was in Munich I think, and I just went to the train station. I was actually not even planning to take a train, but I was walking by the train station and all of a sudden I saw Zurich and I saw all these other countries I could go to, by just jumping on a train, and I just jumped on a train,” he laughs. “I ended up in Austria, and different places that day, and it was easy. It was an hour and an hour, hour and I was back that night. I love being able to just jump on and just go.”

Eric continues with dates in Norway, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands, before heading to Ireland, Scotland and England for the Country to Country festival next week.

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