Queso and a shot: RaeLynn reveals the pros and cons of hitting the road with Blake Shelton

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RaeLynn says Blake Shelton is good for a shot — and bad for her diet.

After first meeting Blake on The Voice in 2012, RaeLynn quickly became one of the Oklahoma singer’s nearest and dearest, and most recently opened for him on his Doing It to Country Songs Tour.

By now, RaeLynn has a black belt in Blake’s concert rituals.

“He always does an after-the-show shot at the bottom of the stage,” she tells Page Six. “Everybody will go back there and he’ll do a shot and then go up and finish and do two more songs for his encore.”

As for what Blake likes to drink, RaeLynn says it’s different every time. On the other hand, she says the “Every Time I Hear That Song” hitmaker consistently likes to tempt her with Mexican food when she’s trying to be healthy.

“Any time I’m on a diet, he’s always like ‘Come on! Eat some cheese with me! Eat some queso!’” she laughs.

Right now, RaeLynn has a top-30 hit with her single, “Love Triangle,” from her #1 album, WildHorse.

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