Randy Houser Not Afraid to Try New Things on “Fired Up”

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The wait is finally over for Randy Houser fans. It’s been more than three years since his album How Country Feels came out, but now his latest project, Fired Up, has arrived. The Mississippi native’s feelings aren’t hurt at all that “We Went” also happens to be number one this week.

The success of the album’s lead single just proves his theory– it pays to find your own way to push the boundaries of what you can do, while still being true to yourself.

“You know, I come from more of a traditional background. I can’t really be anything but country — listen to me, you know?” he jokes. “But I think it’s important that I don’t turn into one of those staunch, bury-my-feet-in-the-sand, ‘No-this-ain’t-country-music!’ [guys]. You know that’s not a productive way to think as far as I’m concerned.”

Randy’s next single, “Song Number 7,” which happens to have been written by “Buy Me a Boat” hitmaker Chris Janson, also shows how Randy has updated his sound.

“I think it’s important to try different things, and when you try ’em, you also got to own ’em, you know what I’m saying?” he says. “And that’s kinda my attitude with it. I think it’s a good thing, and the record reflects a lot of that.”

Even though fans may’ve had to wait some time for Randy’s fourth album, he’s making it worth their while. Fired Up boasts 17 tracks, including “One Way,” which was written by Chris Stapleton. Chris also contributes background vocals to the song.

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