Reba Gets Emotional in New Behind-the-Scenes Video for “Just Like Them Horses”

Big Machine

Reba gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the making of her new “Just Like Them Horses” video in a clip posted on her Facebook page.

While the music video itself is shot totally in black-and-white, the new footage gives you a glimpse of the McEntire family homeplace in Oklahoma in full color. Though Reba and her crew initially dealt with some unexpected rain, they were still able to capture the breathtaking high-angle shots they needed on her sister’s part of the property.

“We just got through doing the aerial with the drone, all the horses running through the pastures here on Susie and Mark’s place and it was just absolutely beautiful all the footage that the drone got,” the Country Music Hall of Famer says in the clip. “And I am just beyond words. I got all choked up. It was beautiful.”

At the end, the Love Somebody legend summarizes why the project is so significant to her.

“This video probably means more to me than any video I’ve ever gotten to shoot because this song was really a family song. I sang it at Daddy’s funeral — well, we played the record anyway. ‘Just Like Them Horses’ is a cowboy song. Daddy was a cowboy and we’re all a ranchin’ family, all of us ranched at one time or another. And this is Chockie Mountain, where I grew up,” she reflects.

Though originally conceived just as a video to pay tribute to her father and her mother, who also stars in the video, Reba’s label has now official released “Just Like Them Horses” as a single to radio.

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