Reba Releases the “Most Meaningful Heartfelt Video” She’s Ever Done

ABC/Image Group LA

Reba calls her new video for “Just Like Them Horses” the “most meaningful, heartfelt” one she’s ever done. Since the release of her Love Somebody album last year, the Country Music Hall of Famer has revealed she originally recorded the song to be played at her father’s funeral in October of 2014. The response was so strong, she decided to include it on her album.

Then she started envisioning the video as a tribute to both of her parents. Shot entirely on the McEntire homeplace in Chockie, Oklahoma, the black-and-white clip co-stars Reba’s mom.

“This is a song about goodbye, closure and letting go. Mama had to be in the video. She was and still is the glue to our family,” Reba reflects. “Those old hills mean a lot to me. I lived there 21 years and they still call me back time after time.”

The closing frame of the video immortalizes her late father, Clark McEntire.

“His life was horses, cattle, land, rodeo and business. Daddy did a lot of traveling in his life,” she recalls. “When he wasn’t rodeoing or buying cattle, he was working hard on the ranch. I took him to Europe and Australia. On one of those trips he said, ‘If I ever get home, I’m not gonna go past the mail box,'” she remembers fondly.

You can watch “Just Like Them Horses” on YouTube now. So far, there’s no word if the song will be released as a single.

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