Reba Reveals a Few Secrets from Her Vegas Residency with Brooks & Dunn Opening Tonight

Greenroom PR/Russ Harrington

Reba reunites with longtime pals and frequent collaborators Brooks & Dunn Wednesday night for the launch of their Together in Vegas residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace. Before signing on for the gig, Reba and her husband/manager, Narvel Blackstock, caught Shania Twain‘s show at Caesars Palace. That experience got them excited to dream up a show of their own with Brooks & Dunn.

Reba tells ABC Radio, “It was amazing to watch [Shania’s] show. All the different things you can do. It was colorful. It was theatrical. There were things moving all the time.”

If you caught Reba’s live show in the ’90s, you know she wowed the crowd with multiple costume changes and lots of flashy stage tricks and dance troupes backing her up. As time went on, Reba stopped changing clothes during her shows in order to spend more time on stage with the audience. Sharing the bill with Brooks & Dunn allows her to bring back some of those bells and whistles for the Vegas crowd.

“While I’m backstage changing clothes, I know they’re gonna be entertained with Ronnie and Kix,” Reba says, noting that she won’t have a separate set from the duo. “We’re gonna do a mingle show. We’re not gonna be — their 30 minutes, my 30 minutes. We’re gonna be together.”

Of course, choosing which of her more than 60 top-10 hits to include in the relatively short set list is a big challenge.

Reba says, “Tell me about it! It’s hard. So, there might be a few medleys to be able to put some more songs in, but we’re so excited.”

One song Reba can’t leave out of any set list is her signature song, “Fancy,” and she promises a “spectacular” production for that number.

Reba says, “I will tell you I have spent more time on ‘Fancy’s’ outfit than any other outfit for the show.  I’ve spent more time on it than I did the set list, than anything else for the show.”

As for her pals Kix and Ronnie, Reba expects to share a lot of laughs with the guys both on stage and off as they play shows through July 4 in Vegas. They’ll be back for another round of shows in December.

She says of Brooks & Dunn, “They’re intelligent. They’re witty. Great storytellers, and I just like to hang out with ’em.”

Though the two acts have worked together for more than two decades now, Reba says she and Brooks & Dunn have very different approaches when it comes to putting a show together.

“They’re deep. I’m very surface,” Reba says. “I just stay right here on the surface. I’m what-you-see-is-what-you-get, and they can go deep in a conversation. ‘Why do you do this?’ and ‘Did you think that?’ I said, ‘Woah, no, no. I just said it was a good idea, and let’s just go do it.’ They’re the ones who will dissect it to death, yeah.”

You can bet Reba and Brooks & Dunn are ready to go for Wednesday night’s opening show at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace. For a complete list of show dates, go to

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