Reba Wraps First Leg of Residency, Talks Comforts of Vegas

Greenroom PR/Russ Harrington

Having just finished the first leg of her Las Vegas residency this past weekend, Reba gives the entire experience high marks, adding it’s actually quite ideal for a performer.

“You know where you’re gonna be. You’ve got the same hotel room, dressing room. It’s kind of like doing the TV show,” she says, recalling her hit sitcom. “Everything’s consistent. So, you don’t have to worry about your surroundings. You’re comfortable, and that comfort level really does help when you’re trying to be creative and give all you’ve got. You don’t have to worry about where you’re gonna step. Is the stage uneven? None of that kind of stuff. You just go and have fun.”

But just because she feels at home, don’t expect Reba to “hole up” in her room. “I don’t like to stay in a hotel room anytime except to sleep and eat and get on out,” she confesses. “I love to get out. I like to even go out to Mt. Charleston. I like to go to Hoover Dam. I like to go eat at the restaurants. Outside of Vegas. In Vegas. No, I’m a get-out-and-see-what’s-around-me person!” she asserts.

And when she does venture out, one of the places you might find the Country Music Hall of Famer is in the casinos. But Reba says she’s actually pretty conservative when it comes to gambling.

“Two-hundred dollars is my limit, and then I start begging for money from other people, and they give it to me, and then I spend their money,” she jokes. “I’ll sit there and play $25 chips at poker… I do gamble when it’s a group. I wouldn’t go down there and play by myself at all,” Reba reveals.

The “Going Out Like That” singer says her stepson Brandon Blackstock and his wife Kelly Clarkson have helped educate her about some of the new gambling attractions she wasn’t aware of before.  And if Reba really does run out of money, she says she knows where to turn. “Kelly. Yeah, she’s rich. She’s rich. And Janine Dunn. She’s rich,” she laughs, referring to Ronnie’s wife.

Reba and Brooks & Dunn pick up their Together in Vegas residency at Caesars Palace in December.

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