Relax and “Fix a Drink”: Chris Janson says everything is right on track for “Everybody”

Warner Music Nashville

With its lead single already in the top-20, Chris Janson is giving his fans a better picture of his sophomore album, Everybody.

The Missouri native co-wrote all twelve songs on the project, which includes his hit “Fix a Drink,” as well as the other four songs from the EP with the same title.

Chris says right down to the black-and-white picture on the cover, everything came together just like he’d hoped.

“The cover shot caught me in a great moment,” he says. “I was literally laughing on the bus, talking and cracking jokes… Shooting the photography for the album was the most relaxed I’ve ever been [in front of] a camera. It turned out exactly how I envisioned it.”

Here’s the full track listing for Everybody, which comes out September 22:

“Who’s Your Farmer”
“Name on It”
“Eyes for Nobody”
“Fix a Drink”
“Out There”
“Little Bit of Both”
“Our World”
“Bein’ a Dad”
“When You Like Me”
“Redneck Life”
“Drunk Girl”

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