Sam Hunt’s Latest Hit, “House Party,” Started Out with an Idea on His Phone

MCA Nashville

Sam Hunt‘s latest #1 hit, “House Party,” started out like most of his songs do — as an idea typed into his phone.

“Most of them don’t pan out, but that was one that came together.

While creating his album, Montevallo, Sam had a writing session with his producer Zach Crowell and Jerry Flowers, who is a member of Keith Urban‘s band.

Sam says, “Jerry is such a great musician. He was playing a groove either on the guitar or the bass – he plays bass, obviously, with Keith Urban, but he’s also a great guitar player. He came up with this fun riff.”

After hearing that riff, Sam went straight for that note in his phone about having a house party. The songs just flowed from there.

Sam adds, “It’s just a fun idea and a fun concept, and I think that’s why it was so easy and fun to write.”

Sam is following up “House Party” with another single from Montevallo — “Break Up in a Small Town.”

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