Sam Hunt’s Looking Forward to a Long Overdue Trip Home for Thanksgiving, Hopes to Do Some Hunting

MCA Nashville

While Sam Hunt has had plenty of success this year, what he hasn’t had much of is time at home in Georgia with his family.

“I haven’t been home, so it’ll be really great to see my parents, my mom and dad,” he says of his plans over the Thanksgiving holiday. “I get to talk to them on the phone, but seeing them in person and hanging out in the home I grew up in is even more special. And then most of my family is pretty close to where my parents are in Georgia, so I get to see aunts and uncles and cousins and grandmother and all other folks that I don’t get to see nearly as much as I’d like to.”

So while he’ll be traveling home with four platinum singles under his belt, plus an all-genre win for New Artist of the Year at the American Music Awards earlier this week– Sam’s greatest reward for all his hard work this year may be a little extra time with his folks.

“Last year we had a show in Florida the day after Thanksgiving, so we took the bus from Nashville to Florida and all the band and everybody was on the bus and they joined us for Thanksgiving that day with my family,” he recalls. “This year… I’ll have a few more days around Thanksgiving, so I’m going to get to go home and maybe do some hunting and get out in the woods a little bit and hang out a little longer than just an afternoon like last year.”

December 4, Sam is due back at work, with a sold-out show at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.

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