Say Hello to Sheriff Reba: New Details on Her Show from the Creator of “Desperate Housewives”

ABC/Image Group LA

If all goes well, we could soon see a different side of Reba McEntire, as she teams up with the man behind Desperate Housewives for a new TV show.

“I play a sheriff in a small town,” Reba tells ABC Radio. “It’s a one-hour drama… and I’m really looking forward to it. Marc Cherry is the developer. He is a genius, and I am so looking forward to working with him!”

Since the new series won’t be a sitcom like Reba and Malibu Country, the Country Music Hall-of-Famer says she’s really looking forward to stretching herself.

“It’s gonna be a lot more work for me, but I’m ready for that,” she says candidly. “I’m ready to sink my teeth into something more dramatic… I absolutely love comedy. But this is going to be a little darker, and [you’ll get to] see a different side of my acting.”

Even though she’s attached to star in the new series, Reba points out it’s still in the early stages.

“Fingers crossed! ABC’s getting the next script and if it’s approved, we’ll go do the pilot. And if that’s approved, we’ll be going to upfronts, and then hopefully by August we’ll be shooting the show. But it’s all up in the air… If they don’t like it, they can say no…”

Reba adds the new series doesn’t necessarily mean she’s headed to Hollywood.

“We don’t really know where we’re going to shoot it. We haven’t decided that yet,” she reveals. “I hope it’s Tennessee. It’d be great for the town, for the state. I would love Tennessee or Georgia or Kentucky.”  

In the meantime, Reba is busy promoting her next record. The double album Sing It Now: Songs of Faith & Hope arrives in stores and online February 3.

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