Scotty McCreery Excited to Be Back for the “American Idol” Finale, but Not Terribly Thrilled About Watching Clips of His Winning Season

Eric Adkins

As American Idol draws to a close tonight, season-10 winner Scotty McCreery is one of the many contestants who’ll be back for the final episode.

“The grand finale! You know, it’s sad to see it go — bittersweet — but I look at this week as more of a celebration, you know? 15 years? Nobody gets 15 years on TV anymore, so [I’m] sad to see it go, but it’ll be a good last episode,” he predicts.

Even though the North Carolina native is excited to return to the show that put him on the map, he says that doesn’t necessarily mean he loves re-living his winning season.

“It’s tough for me to watch those videos without cringing,” he confesses. “I don’t go back and watch a lot of ’em. You know, that’s where I got my start. You know, I think everybody starts out green and I was learning on the job, so — and I was going through, you know everybody goes through their awkward teenage years. I was going through my awkward teenage years in front of 30 million people a night, so it was interesting, but [I’m] glad I got that platform and I’ve tried to learn ever since then from guys like Kenny [Chesney] and Luke [Bryan] and those guys.”

While we already know that Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson are expected to be back as well tonight, Scotty has even more scoop on the last show.

“We’ve got a couple of performances,” he reveals. “We’re bringing back like 50 to 60 contestants and Idols, and I think everybody’s going to try to make it back.  It’ll be some good performances, I think some surprises that folks might be expecting or might not have even thought about. The rumblings I’m hearing are pretty cool actually.”

American Idol wraps up its run with a two-hour episode that starts Thursday night at 8 p.m. ET on Fox. You can find out more about Scotty’s time on the TV phenomenon when his first book, Go Big or Go Home:  The Journey Toward the Dream, comes out May 3.

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