Scotty McCreery Reveals How the Three F’s Have Made Him One of America’s Favorite Idols


It’s a busy day for Scotty McCreery, as the American Idol winner both performs on NBC’s Today show and kicks off his 14-city tour to support his memoir, Go Big or Go Home:  The Journey Toward the Dream.

“The publisher actually came to me about two or three years ago and mentioned writing a book, and I said, ‘You know, I’m still kinda green and still learning and figuring this stuff out. I don’t know if I’m ready for a book yet,’” the North Carolina native recalls. “And I’m still young. I’m still young and learning. But at 22, and after being here five years and the crazy ride it’s already been, I felt, you know, ‘I think I have enough stories that I could probably jot something down and hopefully help some people out there that might read and be going through some stuff.'”

Go Big or Go Home takes fans inside Scotty’s transformation from everyday high school student to winner of the biggest talent competition on TV, and shares some of his secrets for dealing with overwhelming success at such a young age.

“I kind of call it the three big F’s:  my faith, my family, my friends. That’s kinda been my foundation throughout all of this,” Scotty reveals. “You know, I got my family who was there with me way before Idol, who just loves me for being family. Friends, who really could care less about any of this. I mean, they obviously like it, they like going on the road and stuff. But if I walk in the door with the big head, they will slap it out of me so quick. And my faith is just something that I lean on for every decision I make and you know, I’m by no means a saint. I screw up all the time. You know, I just try and stay who I am and not let this crazy world get to me.”  

Scotty’s book tour wraps up May 14 in his hometown of Garner, North Carolina. Go Big or Go Home:  The Journey Toward the Dream is available now.

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