Secret Recording Sessions Led David Nail to “Night’s on Fire”

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Every once in a while, an artist likes to color outside the lines and see what he can create without the confines and deadlines of music business politics. It was one of those times that led David Nail to his latest hit.

“‘Night’s on Fire’ is a song we found as a result of deciding to go into the studio secretly to record a few songs I had written. And the record label kinda caught wind of it, was curious to what exactly our plan was, what we were doing, why we were doing it,” he laughs. “And it was kinda brought to my attention that I needed to record more than two or three songs.”

So, what started as a deadline-free, outside-the-box recording session became a search to find enough tunes to finish the album David had accidentally started.

“It was really just a race to find two or three other songs that we could go in the studio with. So ‘Night’s on Fire’ was a song that I found the first week. A buddy of mine that works for Warner Chappell in the publishing business was sending me probably ten songs a day. As soon as I saw the title, I automatically knew that I was gonna like it,” he remembers.

Considering his latest record is called I’m a Fire, it’s definitely a metaphor he’s fond of– and judging by the response to “Night’s on Fire,” his audiences are too.

“The first time we played it live, I remember coming off stage and looking at the guys in the band and we were just kind of all jazzed up because the reaction was just so positive.”

These days, when the avid sports fan is not cheering on his favorite teams, he’s helping his wife Catherine with their twins Lawson Brent and Lillian Catherine, who were a month old on January 12. He kicks off the Night’s on Fire tour February 18 in Omaha, Nebraska, with his new album, Fighter, due later this year.

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