“Settle for a Slowdown”: Dierks Bentley admits he can’t keep up with his wife’s impressive pace

ABC/Image Group LA

By now, it’s fairly well-known that Dierks Bentley’s wife Cassidy is the woman who inspired his top-five-and-climbing hit, “Black.” But what lots of folks may not realize is that the lady who Dierks lovingly calls “Cass” is more than just a musical inspiration for him.

The mother-of-three recently ran the Boston Marathon for the second time, as Dierks and their little ones cheered her on — all to raise money for one of her favorite causes.

“She did great,” Dierks tells ABC Radio. “She did it in 3 hours and 26 minutes, but more importantly, she raised a bunch of money for Safe Haven, which is an organization in Nashville that takes in families that need housing assistance… [She] raised about $30,000.”

The “Different for Girls” hitmaker isn’t too proud to admit he’d have a hard time keeping up with his wife.

“It’s fast!” he says of her time. “Sub-eight-minute miles. I could probably do one or two that way, but not twenty-six…”

“She’s never done the New York [City marathon],” Dierks goes on. “That’s on her list. She’s done Chicago, Phoenix, Las Vegas, but she’s never done New York. So that’s definitely on the list. She definitely is a good source of inspiration!” 

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