Shania Twain Expects to Finish “Schizophrenic” New Album by the End of the Year


Shania Twain expects to finish her new album before the end of the year, and the country/pop icon admits making her first record since her divorce from husband and longtime producer Mutt Lange was tough.

“I didn’t know where to begin,” she tells Billboard. “I’d write every type of song, every type of lyric, every type of melody. Who is going to say, ‘All right, let’s hone in on this style?’ I didn’t have that direction, whereas with Mutt I did.”

Shania crafted much of the project at her home in the Bahamas, seeking refuge in a variety of places, from the bathroom to the basement to the beach. She admits she even wrote one song in a hotel closet.

“It’s a strange thing, but I do need that isolation,” she confesses. “I need to feel alone and intimate with my thoughts.”

As for whether the album leans more to the country or pop side, Shania classifies it as “kind of schizophrenic musically,” adding that in the end, she’s very satisfied with it.

“I talk a lot more about pain, but… It’s very triumphant in the end,” she reveals. “I felt like, ‘Whew! I made it through the album! I made it through writing all the songs!’ It was an emotional roller coaster, and the lyrics reflect that.”

Billboard will bestow its Icon honor on Shania Friday in New York City at the annual Women in Music gala. The show is set to air as a special December 12 on Lifetime.

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