Shania Twain readies “Life’s About to Get Good” for June, ahead of full-length album in September

Brian Bowen Smith/NBC

Shania Twain’s new single “Life’s About to Get Good” is on the way in June, followed by her first album in 15 years in September.  

Fans will have the chance to hear the new song this Saturday night, as the Canadian superstar performs  it for the first time at the Stagecoach Festival in Indio, California.  

“I was at home looking out at the ocean,” Shania recalls of writing the tune, “and I said to myself, ‘Here I am stuck in this past of negativity, but it’s so beautiful out. I’m not in the mood to write a feeling-sorry-for-myself song.”

So the country/pop icon decided to channel that into her music.

“You can’t have the good without the bad,” she reflects. “And that’s what the song ended up being about.”

Shania has previously said she worked out many of her emotions surrounding her divorce from her husband and longtime collaborator, Mutt Lange, on the new record. So far, we don’t know what the album will be called.

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