Shania’s one-of-a-kind Las Vegas motorcycle can be yours…but it’ll cost you

Mercury Nashville

Shania Twain is using her first new album in 15 years to raise some serious money for her foundation that helps underprivileged children.

If you’ve got $100,000 to donate, you can choose one of two pretty amazing “thank you” gifts: either the one-of-a-kind motorcycle Shania rode onstage during her Las Vegas residency, or dinner with the country/pop superstar and her husband Fred.

Don’t have quite that much?  You can still pick up one of Shania’s Sin City stage outfits for $7,500, or buy yourself a $2,500 autographed guitar.

For those more interested in Shania’s new album, NOW, $350 will get you into an exclusive listening event in Nashville. A variety of merch packages featuring the new record, which comes out September 29, start at $40.

You can check out all the items at The Canadian superstar, who herself grew up in poverty in Timmins, Ontario, started the Shania Kids Can Foundation in 2010.

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