Shay Mooney wasn’t expecting to “be a stuntman for the day” for Dan + Shay’s latest video

ABC – A house floats in the air, as gravity seems to come unhinged in Dan + Shay‘s visually stunning video for “I Should Probably Go to Bed.”

The other-worldly situation sends Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney hurtling through space — and it’s all part of a vision dreamed up by Dan and director Patrick Tracy.

“This is obviously the biggest video we’ve ever done,” Shay tells ABC Audio. “And I remember seeing… the storyboard of what was going on in the video and seeing these scenes where I’m flying through the air, and I’m like, ‘How are we gonna do that?'”

“I didn’t really question it,” he continues, “I just figured, like, ‘Hey, I’m gonna show up, they’re gonna do a great job, they’ll make me look cool.'”

Pretty soon, Shay was able to answer his own question.

“I was looking at the schedule and I saw ‘harness fitting.’ It was three days before our video shoot…And I was like, ‘Oh, shouldn’t like somebody who’s doing that in the air, be doing that?'” he laughs. “I found out right then that I was gonna be floating in the air and doing my own stunts.”

After spending lots of time at home during 2020, Shay was more than happy to rise to the occasion.

“It was kind of like going and doing like bungee jumping,” he explains. “We hadn’t done anything for, like, months in quarantine, so it was a pretty big adventure to kind of be a stuntman for the day and get to do that.”

“So it was [a] very ambitious video, but we pulled it off,” he adds.  

Dan + Shay also might pull off their next number one with the song: “I Should Probably Go to Bed” currently sits at number two on the country chart.

By Stephen Hubbard
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