Soul2Soul Confessions: Faith’s a Fan of Tim’s Beard. His Dancing? Not So Much

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Tim McGraw is sporting a beard, and Faith Hill’s hair is shorter than when we saw her last. Those are just two of the things we learned as the country music power-couple took to Facebook Live Tuesday afternoon to announce half a dozen new dates on their upcoming Soul2Soul trek.

They also revealed they’ll be welcoming a different opening act on tour every week.

Tim and Faith were in a playful mood as they streamed live from New York City, going on to take several questions from fans.

“How do we continue the magic of looking into each other’s — gazing in each other’s eyes and making everyone believe it?” Tim read from a page of questions.

“Because we mean it!” Faith answered.

“That’s true,” Tim agreed.

“Yeah. I mean, I will be honest,” Faith added. “There has been a couple of times in the past…”

“There’s been a couple times,” Tim interrupted, “where she’s gazed in my eyes and I knew I didn’t want the show to be over with, because when I got offstage I was gonna be in trouble. There’s been a few of those!”

Faith went on to reveal she’s a fan of Tim’s new facial hair — but the same is not true of his dancing.

“It’s been a dream of mine to just like throw the mic down,” Faith shared. “Like, bam, drop the mic and just like completely — oh my God — just go to town dancing to something, I don’t know what.”

“But you’re gonna have to just back up and just watch it,” she said to Tim, “because you can’t dance. You dance with your thumbs up. You can’t be a part of the whole thing. I’m sorry,” she laughed.

Tim and Faith play their first Soul2Soul date in a decade April 4 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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