Spend “A Damn Good Day in Nashville” with Drake White


You can get a whirlwind tour of the hip hot spots in Music City, thanks to a new video that up-and-coming artist Drake White just did for GQ.

In the clip, called “A Damn Good Day in Nashville,” the “Livin’ the Dream” hitmaker introduces us to some of his favorite hangs, including craft coffee destination Barista Parlor, trendy restaurant Bastion and longstanding dive bar Dino’s.

When it comes to his look, Drake favors Hatwrks for his chapeau, Scout’s Barbershop for a shave, and bootmaker Peter Nappi for his shoes.

“If you want to come, come experience it yourself,” Drake says at the conclusion of his trip around Nashville. “But don’t all come at one time, because we want to keep it cool,” he jokes.

You can check out the video for yourself at GQ.com.

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