The Band Perry Is Learning the Ins and Outs of Snapchat

Republic Nashville

The Band Perry‘s Neil and Kimberly Perry are getting the hang of Snapchat thanks to some help from their social media coach.

Neil says, “I’m kind of addicted to the social media thing, but Snapchat is new and I’m still figuring it out.”

Part of the coach’s job is to get the Perry siblings to just capture small moments in their day and share them on Snapchat. Kimberly says that can be as simple as just showing how she fixes her hair before a public appearance.

She recalls a recent Snap saying, “I was doing this thing where my hair was flat earlier [in the day], so I did the thing where you throw it over and you just get the texturizing spray and you spray it and then you flip it back, and [our social media coaches] were like, ‘Well, that’s like a good Snapchat moment.'”

Look for The Band Perry to Snapchat more and more as their latest hit, “Live Forever,” continues its climb up the country chart.

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