The ghost of Blake Shelton: Why Dierks Bentley is a little sore about “Bluke”

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Even though this is Dierks Bentley’s second year hosting the Academy of Country Music Awards with Luke Bryan, the “Black” hitmaker admits he’s still haunted by the ghost of Luke’s former co-host, the unpredictable Blake Shelton.

“I am worried about Blake. You never know about that guy. He’s all over the place,” Dierks told reporters in response to a question about Shelton showing up unexpectedly during the telecast.

“He’s always waiting in the wings to show his little blue eyes,” Luke added, and then assured Dierks that his eyes are  every bit as pretty as Blake’s.

Dierks’ mock paranoia is also fueled by the fact that Luke recently reunited with Blake to mentor his team on The Voice.  That led to a revival of Blake and Luke’s celebrity nickname, “Bluke,” and it’s a sore spot for Dierks, since his celebrity name with Luke, “Lierks,” hasn’t quite caught on.  

Complaining about Luke’s disloyalty, Dierks told reporters, “He tweeted out something about Bluke. He’s still holding on to the good ol’ days.”

“I did not tweet that!” Luke countered. “…I’m not cheatin’ on you!”

Dierks responded, “I’ll check your Twitter… and see if Lierks get some love out there!”

While Blake is neither nominated nor set to perform on Sunday night’s show at this point, Luke says we should never count him out.

“No telling where Blake will show up,” he jokes. “Probably [at] some after-party, all drunk, belligerent, trying to get in!”

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