The Heat Is On: Billy Currington’s fans want to know what comes after “Summer Forever”

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With his most recent album, Summer Forever, about to mark the second anniversary of its release on June 2, Billy Currington admits the heat is on to finish its follow-up.

Even though he has a top-25 hit with what’s likely to be the project’s final single, “Do I Make You Wanna,” Billy says the fans are still clamoring for more, particularly on social media.

“They’ll be like, ‘We like this song, but next! Next album, please!’” he laughs.

“It’s nice that people want to hear something new,” he goes on. “You know, for us, we’ve got all these songs that are our babies and it’s like, ‘No, but I’ve still got more songs I want to put out.’ But time is going by and the pressure builds up, not only from other people, but from myself, just to make new music to have something new in the live show.”

While there’s no firm release date set for his seventh album, Billy says he’s making progress.

“I’ve got about eleven songs that I feel comfortable with, but everyday, I’m just getting tons of [new songs] in,” he explains. “So it’s kicking out songs, replacing it with the new guy.”

“And you know, [deciding on] producers,” he adds. “Who’s gonna produce this song, produce that one? This time, I don’t really feel I want to work with just one guy. I don’t know. I think it’s going to be all over the place!”

In the meantime, Billy’s Stay Up ‘Til the Sun Tour rolls on this Friday in Richmond, Virginia.

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