The little song that could: How “Yours If You Want It” hung in to become Rascal Flatts’ latest hit


It seems very likely Rascal Flatts will soon notch another number one with the lead single from their Back to Us album.

Even though “Yours If You Want It” locked in an early spot on the record, it wasn’t always the main contender to be the lead single.

“It’s funny because that song, we cut it and it kinda went away, because it was one of the first ones we cut,” lead singer Gary LeVox recalls.

“And then as we continued to keep going… A lot of times you put your ear to new stuff, and you’re like ‘That’s it! That’s it!’ And you cut another one and you go, ‘That’s it!’” he adds, explaining why the song that would become Flatts’ current single seemed to fade into the background.

“’Yours If You Want It’ just hung in there,” Gary continues, “and it was like, ‘Man, I mean that’s exactly what we want to say right at this time, and just a great way to kick off the album.’ With… an uptempo with a great lyric — and those are tough to find.”

The track is currently in the top five and climbing on the country chart.

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