The Mildly-Drunken Confessions of Brett Eldredge

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Brett Eldredge is throwing ‘em back in the latest edition of Entertainment Weekly’s 3 Rounds With… webisode series. Here’s the formula — an interviewer extracts truth, while he and a celebrity knock out three rounds of alcoholic beverages.

It turns out even whiskey on the rocks; a martini; and vodka, water and lime can’t get Brett to reveal why he shaved his beard for his forthcoming video for “Wanna Be That Song.” Along the way, he does spill the T on his former life as a singing wedding DJ as well as on Frank Sinatra, Thomas Rhett and how excited his 18-year-old self would be over the number of pairs of socks he owns.

You can check out Brett’s alcohol-fueled confessions online now.

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