The story behind “SLOWHEART”: Kip Moore explains his album’s unusual title

MCA Nashville

Kip Moore has the fastest-rising single of his career so far, with his top-15 hit, “More Girls Like You.” It’s the lead release from his forthcoming album, SLOWHEART.

“My former guitar player called me a ‘slowheart’ many years ago, claiming I don’t just jump the gun and show all my cards or my emotions on what I truly feel,” Kip says, explaining the name. “He always said, ‘You’re a slowheart, man. You observe before you act.’”

“I eventually named the band the Slowhearts,” he goes on, “and my fans are the Slowhearts too. And so, it’s only fitting that the record I’ve been waiting to make was named SLOWHEART.”

The cover for Kip’s third album was shot at a bar in Costa Rica, where the Georgia native recently took an extended break.

SLOWHEART will be out September 8.

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