The “Unforgettable” night that never happened: Thomas Rhett reveals new single isn’t about wife Lauren

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Since Thomas Rhett’s written huge hits like “Die a Happy Man” and “Star of the Show” about his wife, Lauren, it makes sense to assume that the details of his new song, “Unforgettable,” were lifted directly from their relationship. But the “Craving You” hitmaker says that’s not the case this time.

“There’s definitely memories I have of us being in college and you know, being at the Tin Roof [bar] or something like that and just having a great time,” he reveals. “But we really just wrote that song based on how much women love when men remember the little things.”

Even though Lauren wasn’t drinking a Mango-rita and a Coldplay song wasn’t actually playing, TR says the sentiment in “Unforgettable” still holds true.

“The guy’s just saying, ‘I remember the night I fell in love with you. I remember what you were drinking, I remember the song that was playing, I remember that guy that tried to flirt with you,’ and all that kind of stuff,” he explains.

“And so I think that girls love it when you can remember a special night in your relationship, and that’s basically what the song is talking about.”  

“Unforgettable” is the second single from Thomas Rhett’s new album, Life Changes, which is on the way September 8.

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