The World Series Pedigree of Brett Eldredge’s Latest Hit


Avid Chicago baseball fan Brett Eldredge crowed that all his Cubs dreams had come true last week, as his team clinched the World Series victory. And if you’ve seen the Illinois native’s video for his latest top-10, you know he’s done a little bit of time on the iconic Chi-town diamond himself.

“When I was trying to pick out how we were shooting the video for ‘Wanna Be That Song,’ I wanted it to be something very cinematic. I grew up as a huge Cubs fan. Wrigley Field has that magic aura about it,” he says, “so being a huge Cubs fan and I have connections there that they were amazing to let me take control of Wrigley Field for a whole day. I got to play around like a kid as a baseball player. You know, it was the coolest experience!”

Just when Brett thought it couldn’t get much better, the Cubs took home the Major League Baseball Commissioner’s Trophy.

“To have it be the year that we won the World Series was just the most magic thing in the world, and to get to actually be there when we won, and actually get to go back in Wrigley the morning of the parade, to get to sing that day. All this crazy stuff just kind of unfolded and it all started this year at the beginning of shooting that music video.”

As “Wanna Be That Song” continues its climb toward number one, Brett’s first holiday album, Glow, just debuted at number 2 on Billboard‘s Country Albums chart.

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