“These Are the People That Make My Dreams Come True”: Why Thomas Rhett Loves Hearing His Fans’ Stories

Getty Images via ABC

Going into CMA Music Festival 2016, Thomas Rhett has six consecutive number ones to his credit, including the current one, “T-Shirt.” The second-generation country star can’t help but remember when that wasn’t the case.

“I was blown away today, because I’ll never forget my first… [autograph] booth signing. I feel like it was like 2012 or ’13, and walking in and there was like maybe 30 people there, who might’ve known you or might not. So walking in today and seeing just a line of people that…take an hour out of their day to come stand in a line and meet you. I just kind of sat there and I was like, ‘Dude, these are the people that make my dreams come true.'”

That makes Thomas want to spend as much time as he can with the fans who are so affected by his songs.

“Meeting every single one of them and them telling me the stories of how a song like ‘Die a Happy Man’ changed their life or they got engaged to ‘Die a Happy Man’ or ‘Crash and Burn’ was their anthem when they were in sixth grade, it’s just really cool to know that the music that you’re writing really does affect and influence lives — and to get to have your fans actually tell you those stories is a really cool thing.”

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