“This One’s for You”: Luke Combs’ no-boxes, best-twelve-I’ve-got approach to his debut album

River House Artists/Columbia Nashville

Luke Combs is in a pretty enviable position these days: he’s going into the release of his first album, This One’s for You, with a two-week #1 under his belt.

“I think it’s probably somewhere in the middle, sonically speaking,” he says of how that #1 hit, “Hurricane,” compares to the rest of his record. “There’s a lot of fun stuff, a lot of uptempo stuff. And then there’s a lot of slower, more… reflective songs. The title track is pretty reflective.”

The North Carolina native says it’s no accident his debut runs the gamut, because that’s the way he approaches his writing.

“I never try to, especially as a songwriter, put myself in any kind of a box,” Luke reflects. “I just love writing, and when I go in, I just want to write whatever the best song is gonna be that day.”

He adds, “I don’t ever go in and say, ‘Hey, I need a this kind of a song’ or ‘I need that kind of a song.’ I just write whatever kinda me and my buddies land on.”

“And that’s what this album is,” he continues, “…a collection of essentially what I think are the twelve best songs I had written from the time I moved to Nashville until I recorded the album.”

Luke will do two of those tunes, his breakthrough “Hurricane” and the fan favorite “When It Rains It Pours,” Monday on NBC’s Today show. This One’s for You is new in stores and online today.

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