Thomas Rhett Describes His Sophomore Album, “Tangled Up,” as a “Pretty Out There Record”

Valory Music Co.

If you thought Thomas Rhett‘s latest single, “Crash and Burn,” was a little left-of-center, just wait until you hear his sophomore album, Tangled Up, due out September 25. Thomas actually describes the project as a “pretty out there record” in a new interview with The Detroit News. He felt confident to push the boundaries of his sound even further after “Crash and Burn” became a hit with listeners.

Thomas says of the album, “It’s a big ball of yarn, and all of these songs are in knots, and none of them really fit together. But at the same time they are all, cohesively, Thomas Rhett songs.”

Thomas is spilling a few beans about other songs on Tangled Up, including the “nostalgic, super soul R&B-influenced love song ‘Die a Happy Man.'” His other song, “Party Like You’re on Vacation,” is so inspired by the classic song “Low Rider” by War that he gave the band co-writing credit on that track.

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