Thomas Rhett Gives Fans a Once-in-a-Lifetime Evening to Help 147 Million Orphans


Thomas Rhett is gearing up for the release of Tangled Up Deluxe later this month and the launch of his first headlining tour early next year, but tonight in Nashville, he’ll be focused on a project that’s even closer to his heart. This evening, he and his wife Lauren host their inaugural charity dinner and concert to help the organization 147 Million Orphans.

“My wife, for the first time, went last year down to Haiti with that organization and has already been to Uganda twice this year to be at this orphanage in this town called Masindi…” Thomas Rhett says. “[147 Million Orphans] is really special to our hearts and I’ve never really done a big charity benefit before… Dierks [Bentley] is coming and one of my songwriter buddies, Shane McAnally, and Walker Hayes are gonna be there and a few more guests.”

Bidding for a seat at the exclusive event started at $250, which should go a long way to help Thomas Rhett’s cause.  

“I’m so thankful to all the people who bid on it,” he says, “even though a lot of people that bid don’t get to come. They [are the] reason that… we get to donate so much money to the orphanages in Haiti and Uganda and the city of children.”  

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