Thomas Rhett Incorporating All of His Influences on New Album, “Tangled Up,” Due Out September 25

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Thomas Rhett will release his sophomore album, Tangled Up, on September 25 featuring the lead single, “Crash and Burn.” As you can hear in that R&B-influenced song, Thomas has expanded his range of musical influences in the past two years while working on Tangled Up.

He says, “The title, Tangled Up, comes from a lyric in one of the new songs, and I think it’s a cool way to point to all the different influences that I have as an artist and a songwriter — from soul and R&B to old school country to rock and everything in between. They are all in this record!”

“Crash and Burn” is on its way to the top 10 at country radio, but Thomas admits he was terrified about putting out such a different-sounding song. His dad, songwriter Rhett Akins, had some good advice for him as got ready to release it to radio.

Thomas tells ABC Radio, “My dad told me that, when I put it out, he goes, ‘I think the song’s a hit. Just prepare to be hated for about two weeks.’ And he was totally right. When you do something different, people hate it until they don’t.”

So far, “Crash and Burn” has been selling better than any of Thomas’s previous singles.

He adds, “Somebody likes it, and I love it, and that’s really all that matters.”

You can get involved in Thomas’s creative process for Tangled Up by helping him choose the album cover. Four possible designs are now live at, and it’s up to you to vote for your favorite. The winning cover will be revealed in the coming weeks.

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