Thomas Rhett Says His Mother Shaped Him into the Man He Is Today

Image Courtesy CMA

Thomas Rhett often talks about the influence his singer/songwriter father Rhett Akins had on his life, but now he’s shining a light on the work his mother, Paige, did to make him the man he is today.

“My mom’s a saint,” Thomas says. “She’s a very, very sweet lady. So, you know growing up mom was one of the main people that always took me to football practice, or whenever I had a play she’d always take me. She was always there at everything, you know ’cause dad was on the road a lot.”

Thomas’s mom also made sure he was involved in the church youth group as a kid and instilled him with the values that still guide his life to this day. Thomas’s parents are divorced, so his mother was skeptical about him following his father into the music industry at first. Watching Thomas balance his career and his marriage to wife, Lauren, has put his mom’s mind at ease, though.

Says Thomas, “Now that she’s seen me do it, she’s very proud of me. She’s one of my biggest fans.”

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