Thomas Rhett Says “Tangled Up” Works So Well He Could Play It As His Set List


When Thomas Rhett’s fans take home his sophomore CD Tangled Up, the second-generation country hitmaker believes they’ll find there’s something for everybody.

I think that the cool thing about this record is it’s very diverse, kinda like the first one was. So, there’s songs on there like ‘Die a Happy Man’ that are way more traditional than the rest of the record,” he says, mentioning the album’s second single. “There’s a Jaren Johnston song I cut called ‘The Day You Stop Looking Back.’ There’s a super-awesome duet I did with Jordin Sparks,” he adds.

But Thomas is quick to point out he also had fun making the record, specifically mentioning the title track and a tune called “Vacation,” where he borrows the bass line from War’s “Low Rider.”

“There wasn’t really, like, a box I was trying to maintain myself in,” he reflects. “It was just like, I didn’t mean to write those songs. They just kind of came out and I was just like, ‘Man, I had a blast writing that. I can’t imagine why, you know, everybody that’s ever been on a boat before wouldn’t enjoy listening to this song on the lake.’”

If there’s a difference between his two albums so far, it’s that Thomas believes he thought about his fans and his live show more on this one.

“The whole thing is kind of like a set list to me,” he asserts. “I feel like I could play tracks one through 13 down, and that could be my show.  I think that’s what I’m most pumped about is that there’s not any that I want to skip, and I don’t get bored listening to it.”

This fall, he’ll get to try out his new set list, as he hits the road with Brett Eldredge for CMT’s Suits & Boots tour. The CD that boasts his recent number one “Crash And Burn” is new in stores and online today.

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