Thomas Rhett Talks Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars and Maren Morris in Sixty Seconds

Getty Images Via ABC

You can learn an awful lot about Thomas Rhett in a minute. For example, he prefers red wine over white, touring over writing, and “Teardrops on My Guitar” above all other Taylor Swift tunes.

All those facts are revealed in the new edition of Vevo UK’s :60 With web series. He goes on to say Bruno Mars is his dream collaborator, and he believes Maren Morris is the new country artist to watch.

And, if you ever get the chance to have the “Vacation” hitmaker over to your house, you should probably pick up some spicy turkey, cake batter protein powder and a carton of almond milk, which TR reveals are his must-haves backstage. 

The adventurous singer is also looking to cross “swimming with sharks” and “skydiving in Fiji” off his bucket list.

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