Thomas Rhett’s Latest Hit, “Crash and Burn,” Is Now the Biggest Song in His Live Show

Valory Music Co.

Thomas Rhett had a few #1 hits before his latest chart-topper, “Crash and Burn,” but the fan reaction to that latest hit is beyond anything he’s ever experienced before.

“I try to go back to remember ‘It Goes Like This’ and ‘Get Me Some [of That]’ and I feel like they both took forever to get to that number-one spot,” Thomas says. “I feel like I just started singing ‘Crash and Burn’ in my set. So, from the first time we sang it to now, you would think that that song was just like the biggest thing ever.”

The effect “Crash and Burn” has on Thomas’ concert crowds is undeniable.  He says, “I’ve never heard one of my songs screamed back to me like the way ‘Crash and Burn’ is. So, it’s my favorite one to play.”

“Crash and Burn” is the lead single from Thomas’ sophomore album, Tangled Up, available now. The second single from that project, “Die a Happy Man,” is just starting its climb up the country chart.

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