Thomas Rhett’s Love Affair with Wife Lauren Crashed and Burned Several Times in High School


Thomas Rhett hasn’t gone through a painful breakup like the one he sings about in “Crash and Burn” for many years now. He’s been happily married to his high school sweetheart, Lauren, for nearly three years now, but there was a time “Crash and Burn” described their dating relationship to a T.

“When we dated in high school it was so ridiculous,” Thomas says. “I think she broke up with me like maybe seven times over the course of a year. We were, like, freshmen in high school, and I was just one of the those guys that kept goin’ back, and just kept goin’ back, and really just wanted to date her and me not getting the hint.”

Thankfully, Thomas and Lauren were able to rekindle that fire later in life.

“Crash and Burn” is the lead single from Thomas’s sophomore album, Tangled Up, due out September 25.

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