‘Til the cows come “Home”: Chris Lane lands Tori Kelly, but can’t convince his dad to be in his video

ABC/Image Group LA

Sometimes it’s easier to convince a world-famous pop star to do something than it is to corral your own parents. At least that was Chris Lane‘s experience with his latest hit, “Take Back Home Girl.” 

When he was considering his options for a duet partner on the tune, Chris had no idea that Tori Kelly would even be an option. 

“She is so amazing.” Chris says. “I recorded this song, ‘Take Back Home Girl.’ And my record label asked me, ‘Hey, who would be a dream collaboration for you?’ And I said, ‘Tori Kelly,’ not knowing that she would do it. But they reached out to her, she loved the song, she decided she wanted to be a part of it of it. And I’m one lucky guy,” he smiles.

When it came time to shoot the video, however, Chris’s luck didn’t quite hold out. 

“My parents, I asked them to be in the music video, as the real parents in the video, and my dad did not want to leave his cows. So he didn’t end up doing it,” Chris laughs. “So I had to rent parents!”

In his dad’s defense, Chris explains the video was shot in California, while his parents are all the way across the country in North Carolina. 

“Take Back Home Girl” is Chris’s third top-15 hit in a row, including his first #1, “Fix.” “Take Back Home Girl” is also the lead single from his forthcoming sophomore album.  

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