Tim McGraw Looking Forward to Playing a Bad Guy on Upcoming Drama Series, “Robbers”

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Tim McGraw‘s other career, as an actor, is booming with his new TNT drama series, Robbers, now in development. Tim will star in the show as a really bad guy, but it may be a while before the series makes it to the small screen.

Tim says, “It’s still in the workin’ stages right now. We’re still writing and stuff, but if it all comes together it’s gonna be a lot a fun.”

Robbers is based on the 2000 book of the same name by Christopher Cook. Tim will play a drifter named Ray Bob on a crime spree across Texas, and that’s an exciting prospect for the singer/actor.

He adds, “It’s fun to play a bad guy. You get to sort of step outside yourself a little bit.”

Tim is in his element on the Shotgun Rider tour all this summer with shows coming up in Kansas, Iowa and Michigan this weekend.

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