Tim McGraw Shares the Screen with George Clooney in New Sci-Fi Film, “Tomorrowland”

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Tim McGraw is back on the big screen with a role in the new George Clooney sci-fi film, Tomorrowland, in theaters now. He plays a NASA engineer who’s out of work since the NASA program has been shut down.

Tim tells ABC Radio, “[In the movie], my daughter’s a really curious young lady who gets into all sorts of things and ends up going into the future.”

If you think that all sounds complicated, you’re not alone. Tim says, “I mean, I don’t even know how to explain the movie, and I read the script and was in the movie. It’s just so much stuff going on.”

Though the storyline of Tomorrowland is a little complex, Tim had no trouble stepping into the dad role. It’s a part he’s had a lot of real-life experience getting ready for as a father to his three daughters.

Says Tim, “I think as an actor, you bring all the life experience that you have into whatever you do, and it certainly has been a benefit to me.”

So, can fans expect to see Tim riding a rocket or exploring outer space in Tomorrowland?

“Oddly enough, though, my character is never really involved in much of the — one or two scenes — but never much involved in the whole other world kinda thing,” Tim explains. “So, I was pretty much rooted in reality in my part of the movie.”

As for working with George Clooney, Tim says the screen heartthrob is a really good guy. Clooney’s killer good looks didn’t threaten Tim when they shared scenes together either.

Tim says with a smile, “The thing about me was not walking on the set and being the ugliest guy around. Since Clooney was there, I felt better about myself.”

Actress Britt Robertson, who plays Tim’s daughter in the movie, admits her family was much more excited about her working with McGraw over Clooney.

Britt tells ABC Radio, “We’re huge country fans. Not that we don’t love George. George is great. But small potatoes in comparison to the great Tim McGraw.”

On the music front, Tim launches his Shotgun Rider tour June 5 in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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