Tim McGraw Talks Damn Country Music on Twitter

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Friday, Tim McGraw took to Twitter to talk to fans about the release of his new album, Damn Country Music. While he says it’s tough to pick a favorite track from his 14th effort, he does point to several standouts. As you might expect, the recording debut of his daughter Gracie on cut one, “Here Tonight,” is certainly an emotional high point.

He confesses track two was a bit of a stumbling block in the studio. “That’s funny you should ask that, about getting tongue-tied in that first line– ‘the blue breeze blowing.’ I did! In fact, it took me quite a while and laughing all the way through it to not get tongue-tied in that line. That line tongue-tied me every time. It still tongue-ties me when I try to say it!” he laughs.

As for the songs wife Faith Hill gravitates toward, he mentions “Want You Back” and “What You’re Lookin’ For,” as well as his duet with their oldest daughter. He and the “Mississippi Girl” also agree on another track, one he repeatedly points to as a focus– “Humble and Kind.”

‘[It] is probably one of my favorite records I’ve ever recorded, all the way around. I just love what it says, I love the message that it sends and I think certainly in this day and age, it’s something that needs to be heard,” he says.

During the chat, the uber-fit superstar confessed cheeseburgers and Coke would be the things he’d love to eat for the rest of his life, and his most embarrassing moment was tripping over a monitor on stage with the legendary Tammy Wynette.

When it comes to what he’s looking forward to these days, Tim says that would be taking a break over the holidays.

“It’s been a busy year,” he says, running down what’s going on in the lives of his girls. “We’ve made an album, we’ve made a movie, touring, Gracie graduated, started college, Maggie started her senior year, Audrey’s in the eighth grade, her last year of junior high. So it’s been a really busy year, so we look forward to taking some down time and really having a traditional Christmas at home with the family.”

Look for Tim to head out on tour to support Damn Country Music in 2016, with details expected soon.

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