Tim McGraw Trying Out Brand-New, Unreleased Songs on This Summer’s Shotgun Rider Tour

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If you catch Tim McGraw‘s Shotgun Rider tour this summer, you’ll be among the first to hear some of his brand-new music.

Tim tells ABC Radio, “We’re working on a new album now, so [we’ll] do some of the stuff  that we’re working on and get that out early and let people sort of hear that and gauge the reaction to it.”

Of course, Tim will be pulling selections from his more than two-decades of #1 country hits, but don’t count on him getting to every one of his chart-toppers. Instead, Tim likes to mix big hits and fan favorites in his set lists.

He explains, “What we try to do is go back and grab things sometimes that we didn’t get to do in the last couple of years. Some hits that people haven’t heard in a while, maybe some album cuts that people haven’t heard in a while, do the stuff that’s on the radio now.”

In addition to picking the songs he’ll play on this tour, Tim was personally involved in selecting Billy Currington and Chase Bryant to be his special guests on the road this summer.

Explaining why he chose those two acts, Tim says, “I’ve known Billy for a long time and always thought he was a great singer. Loved his music. Chase is an up-and-coming guy who plays great guitar and really has got a lot of energy about him.”

Tim’s Shotgun Rider tour kicks off Friday night in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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