Toby Keith Sticks to His Guns on New Album, “35 MPH Town”

Show Dog/Universal

Toby Keith admits his latest album, 35 MPH Town, doesn’t really break any new ground, musically speaking. That’s exactly what he hopes listeners say after they give the project a spin.

He says, “I hope they look at this album and go, ‘Same ol’, same ol’. He’s sticking to his guns.'”

Though he’s not going to work to keep up with current trends at country radio, Toby promised himself he would never say anything bad about the music coming from the new generation of country artists.

“I heard the guys whining, saying that the youth like, twenty years ago when I was coming in, there were people that were saying my generation wasn’t country enough, and I was like, ‘Man I never want to be that guy.’ So, I don’t care what the kids are doing.”

Toby co-wrote nine of the 10 songs on 35 MPH Town, including the new single, “Beautiful Stranger.” The album is out now.

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